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Traffic and Line Marking

NE336 Striping Paint     Pavement Striping Machines           34" marking wand
 Solvent Based                                      

Cabinets & Lockers


              FJ856 HiBoy Cabinet     FB038 Lo-Boy           FI105 Gear Locker                              
                             36" x 18" x 72"              36" x 18" x 40"            24" x 36" x 72"
                 $430.00          $325.00        $695.00

                                                  "ships from Calgary or Montreal warehouses"
                                   Let us get you a freight rate, or you can arrange for the pick up .

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                        MARSH STENCILLING & MARKING
                     Stencil machines, Electric and Manual, Oilboard.
                     Marsh Stencil Inks, Brushes, rollers
             Stencil Cutters 1/2"                             Marsh Spray Stencil Ink. $6.50 can.
                                    3/4"                            Sold by case only (12 per case)
                 "What is your yearly consumption? Let us price it out for you"  

                       Up to 10% and more off what you are paying now.
                       Call or email us today with your request, for Marsh Inks, Rollers,
                        Stencil Board, and more  

                           Edge Protectors - Corner Protectors 
                           2.5" x 2.5" x .160 x 48" stock in Montreal 
                           1920 pieces per pallet
                               "Contact us for pallet pricing"


                                  Also sold in packs of 20                                 
                       PB264 2.5" x 2.5" x  0.200 x 36"    
                       PB265 2.5" x 2.5" x 0.200 x 42"
                       PB266 2.5" x 2.5" x 0.200 x 48"     
                       PB267 3" x 3" x 0.200 x 36"      
                       PB268 3" x 3" x 0.200 x 42"      
                       PB269 3" x 3" x 0.200 x 48"                                                    
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  • ST-880    OA213-KIT    S4-183672-HB-33

    HX242 Infrared Thermometers-     OA213 Vertical Filing Systems         FB039 Industrial Welded Storage Cabinet   
    Pocket-sized easy to use           steel construction-4 casters           18" x 36" x 72" 4 adjustable shelves. 
            $84.00                    C/W 12 - 36" Clamps....$898.00      Grey,Black, or Beige.....$580.00

       FGP250S      5505E     J-2000 
      HL933 Utility Scale 250 lbs. x 1 oz .              HC438 Distance Measuring Wheels          HM165 Wood moisture Meters 
    HX655 Utility Scale 114 KG. x .5 KG.             Accuracy +- 1% Adds forward                   corrects for individual species  
      13 1/2" x 11" x 2 3/4"........$134.00               Subtracts in Reverse....$138.00                     Moisture 6-40%....$456.00


        #5A GALVANIZED             FG611277YEL

      ND924 Bicycle Rack Capacity                         NJ115 Bicycle Rack 8 bikes                                                NC528 Wet Floor Sign 
       6 bikes.All welded.........$436.00                      Galvanized.......$520.00                                                      Height 25"......


       FG758088YEL         592-3         26800

      NC493 Mop Bucket Wringer Combo.            NA982 Polyethylene Dump                      NH832 Smokers Cease Fire   
      35 Quarts Yellow..............$115.00                   Truck 5/8 cu. yds.....$550.00                     16 1/2" x 38  1/2

      B2636X4     FG263216GRAY        PST210
      S3550X garbage bags 35" x 50"                          NA705 Brurte Container                                   SAL683 Aisle marking Tape 2" x 108"
        Extra Strong 100 box...$28.00                                        44 gallon .........$60.00                                             Yellow.........$8.50
    Grey, White, Yellow, Blue.


      91450           17005            17271
      SED020 Barricade Tape 3" x 1000'                               SAM832 Flagging Tape Yellow..$1.85             SC150 Highway Banners
      Caution Black/Yellow.....$6.99                                       1 3/16"x150' Fluorescent                                  96"W x 18"H PVC. Wide on 1 side
                                                                                                                                                                            Oversize on other

                                            M99-001                    ST-1-YELLOW

      MH302 Hand Truck                                               MD223 moving straps 5000 lbs.                                                 MK776 stepstool. Dixie Poly.
      10" Pneumatic Wheels                                           Capacity 5000 Lbs...$310.00                                                       Safer than a milk crate. 

          $70.00                                                                                                                                                                      non skid surface..........$79.00

      3508   3406                59

      VC247 HD platform stepladder     VC243 HD Featherlite stepladder                 DA635 drum wrench.............$52.00
      8' hi. CSA Grade 1A-300 lbs.         6' CSA Grade 1A-300 lbs.                            DA636 non-sparking wrench...
    $275.00                                      $158.00

      DC442-W                 KIT                80A
      DC442 drum rocker 4 wheels...$115.00                     DC199 steel drum dollie                  DA189 Mobile drum Karrier.Transports
       Capacity 1000 lbs.                                                    Capacity 1000 lbs....$98.00             Tilts, and drains full drums up to 800 lbs.


               EA5200200-520-0     12H  
     DC266 All-In-One Drum Truck         MA479 Winch Lift                                CB066 corrugated parts bins.  
                  $430.00                          Lift height 52"....... 
    $1250.00              12" deep x 6"W x 4 1/2"H  100 box.  
                                                                                    $95.00 box


       KD053       10-5           GL-1218-6TGR1-44

     Wire mesh partition in picture                  Kee Klamp fittings.Request a full list                 Lockers and lockerettes. 
     was designed and 
    installed by             of all sizes and styles. Build it yourself,       Single tier - 1 door.
     our Company. Standard panels           our fittings and your pipe.                        Double tier - 2 doors hi.
     and doors are available or we can                                                                 Triple tier - 3 doors hi. 
     have your space custom designed                                                                  Bank of 1-2-3-4.
     either for a tool crib or a bonded area.
     Call or email us for pricing.





      Special Pricing for all Featherlite Ladders (Fiberglass and aluminum)

             Featherlite Stepladders 4'-10'.                                         Featherlite Platform Ladders

               3404                          3506
                         3'-12'                                                              4'-8' Extra Wide
               ANSI type 1A-300 lb. load rating.                                     ANSI type 1A-300 lb. load   

    Special duty Type 1AA special duty available. 375 lb. load rating.
      These Featherlite ladders are industrial grade and can not always be compared to most lighter grade ladders that you will find in your local hardware store.
    Other Featherlite ladder models are available. See our products page. 
      CSA Grade 3 household..........................200 lb. load rating.
      CSA Grade 2 TRADESMAN AND FARM.....
    225 LB. Load Rating.
    CSA Grade 1A Industrial ........................300 lb. load rating.



    SS Tools       SS Fasteners 

    Steel strapping kit;

    Tensioner,sealer,cutter,dispenser,1 box seals.1 roll of strapping 1/2" x .020.....$719.00  

    Steel strapping black painted 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" x .020 or .023.....$120.00 roll.

    Steel strapping seals, open or closed 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4". Ask for pricing.

    Premium steel strapping sealers 1/2", 5/8", or 3/4" x .020............$66.95


    Steel strapping tensioner feedwheel type 3/8"-3/4"....................$109.00

    Email me for pricing and info on all other strapping products.

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